Rayna Nabarro
Rayna Nabarro
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Rayna Nabarro


24 July 1979
Balmain, Austrailia

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"No. You're your own team now. It's better. You're G-Men."
―Rayna Nabarro[src]

Rayna Nabarro was a human government operative who served the CIA and was affiliated with the Court of Ravens as well as being a member of the G-Men.


Early lifeEdit

Rayna Nabarro was born in Balmain, Australia on 24 July 1979.

Serving the CIAEdit

Rayna was tasked with following the U.S. Army Colonel Aaron Pierce with her partner Levene in Las Vegas, Nevada on behalf of the CIA. She managed to slip into the Brimstone Club disguised as a stripper as part of female entertainment, she refused advances by several men before arriving at the booth Colonel Pierce was in.

She managed to activate a passage to a secret base underneath the club. There, she saw Brimstone Club members January Frost and Azazel display their powers and kidnap Colonel Pierce. She tried to warn the CIA, but Azazel had brought Colonel Pierce back to the Pentagon, which made her story unbelievable.

She soon realized she needed the help of a person who specialized in genetic mutation. Thus, she traveled to Oxford University where she met Charles Pelleon. After he read her mind to find out what she saw, he agreed to help her. Pelleon, Rayna and Raven Katniss then traveled to the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia and attempted to convince top CIA officials of the existence of mutants.

The officials initially didn't believe them, even after Pelleon confessed he was a mutant and read their minds. The officials all accused Rayna of bringing in a spy. Raven immediately shape-shifted into Rufus Ryker - one of the officials present, shocking Rayna and the others. The Man in Black, who was sitting in the background, offered to look after them at his private facility.

As Rayna was having a conversation with Levene, Charles froze the surrounding area and told her to come down to the parking lot telepathically. The Man in Black then brought them to Division G.

Joining the G-MenEdit

Personality and traitsEdit


Rayna Nabarro

"You know, one day the government is going to realize that how lucky they were to have Charles Pelleon on their side."
―Rayna Nabarro[src]




Charles PelleonEdit

Charles: "It's her."
Hank: "Who?"
Charles: "Rayna."
Hank: "Wha- Rayna Nabarro"
Charles: "Mhmm."
Hank: "Give me the details."
Charles: "Well, she looks amazing. She's barely aged a day."
―Charles Pelleon and Hank Frasier Jr. talking about Rayna[src]

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